Today’s post is neither about the city – or maybe, in some tenuous way it is, since it happened here – nor is it about the sensex. It’s about sex, or more specifically, about the opposite sex.

So what about them, you may ask. Plenty. For all the depth of their emotions, they are quite pragmatic – possessing perhaps a greater ability to segregate the head and the heart than men.

Not to say that they don’t irritate and infuriate at will, but we love them all the same, for a myriad reasons. Heck no, am not attempting a thesis on women – let them stay complicated if it pleases them. The skies won’t fall. Mysteries are attractive only if your calling is a snoop – for the mere mortals like us, mysteries are a lot of uncomfortable mental gymnastics, best left to the young at heart and mind.

The only thing that confuses me is their usage of words – do they literally mean what they say, or do their utterances need to be decoded in Langley, Virginia?

For instance, what is it exactly they mean when they ‘I need more time’ when it comes to matters of the heart? And let me clarify that I am probably the doofiest doofus around (did I hear a chuckle thousands of miles away, where the snow is all set to fall?) to be commenting on matters of the heart.

Does it literally mean she needs more time to make up her mind – well, I have heard folklore legends about the hours they spend for make up, but I do think they referred to just the facial part of it. The mind’s make-up kit was never part of the compact.

Or does it mean she’s politely asking to be left alone? I don’t much care about the rest of their mystique or mystery, which is what I have heard is the allure for men. They can keep that mystique, cultivate it, harvest it or maybe retail it for those in dire need. What I don’t understand is whether the words being said are exactly what they mean, or is their another layer to it, a la onions? That’s a stinky idea, as someone I know would say!

Oh, before anyone gets all hot and hassled, it’s nothing personal and no offence meant, so none to be taken really!

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