At your doorstep

It’s a city built around working class professionals. People who scarcely have any time other than what is left for work and commute. Sleep is accommodated somewhere in between. So to expect people to take out time from their daily schedules to do mundane stuff, such as buying groceries, organising birthday parties, replenishing household needs is indeed a tall order.

Entire lives revolve around the phone call – need a maid, call one, Need to clear your house of old newspapers, call the scrap dealer. Need veggies, call the vegetable vendor. Need an auto rickshaw, even that’s only a phone call away. Just about any item or service you need, all you need is a phone and a number. Even eggs, bread, milk – you name it, you can dial for it and have it delivered to your home. Heck, you can even summon a masseuse if you need one!

You could call up the neighbourhood chemist and ask him to deliver medicines, or the local grocery store and have him deliver the groceries. You could call up a priest and have him come over to perform your daily prayers, you can call up a chauffeur to hire for a day, you can call up a cook to have him make your lunch or dinner, the electrician to fix up the fuse.

This is then a city of convenience, or convenience city. The two of course, could mean entirely different things, but the description fits in every sense of the term. Time is money, we have heard it a zillion times. People actually swear by that adage here, and so live by it.

For the service provider, it’s a zero-cost game – incoming calls are free. Besides, considering they operate within a radius of 2-3 km (1-2 miles),there’s hardly any incremental cost for their services and so no additional charge to the consumer.

That is of course, unless you are the bohemian type, seeking an escort for the evening, services for which are heavily advertised in all leading dailies. Order that, and you can be sure you will be paying for just about every conceivable expense – cab fare, food, drinks and of course, the time you get to spend with him or her. This service too, is available on call and will be ‘delivered’ to your home, office or wherever it is that your doorstep is.

All that you can’t have home delivered, even in this maximum city of convenience, is love. That, you have to go out and find if you really want it. Some succeed, some fail, and for some, there’s the possibility of a continental shift!

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