Brain dead!

One correspondent

Was very, very despondent

As he could not buy a pendant

For his female attendant

As the rupee depreciated

His thought, unappreciated

He was in despair

The relationship, beyond repair

And so he decided

In the FM he confided

That his salary in rupees

Could buy just tea and cookies

Make the dollar our currency

‘twas a matter-of-heart urgency

And any procreation

From his relation

Would benefit the nation

It was a silly notion

But it got the FM into motion

And so the correspondent

Who was once very despondent

Could finally buy a pendant

For the lady attendant

PS: And they finally married

But he always remained harried

in hindsight, they should have tarried

Because, when the child was born

Both the nation, and the dollar, were long gone!

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5 Responses to Brain dead!

  1. Grace Zahnke says:

    Some really great posts on this site, appreciate it for contribution.

  2. Barun Jha says:

    Very good post..apt to the prevailing time.. keep writing 🙂

  3. news24 live says:

    Thanks for your insight for the great written piece. I am glad I have taken the time to read this.:)

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