Run fat boy run!

Over a month after I started blogging, I have finally reached the milestone (or should it be millstone?) of the 30th post. It’s taken 51 days to accomplish the task, which is still far shorter than my hunt for finding a suitable place to jog.

Ever since I moved to maximum city, have been searching high and low for a good jogging track – the road was out for fear of causing long-term damage to the knees and become a doddering old fella. Today, I finally spotted one such place, a suitable distance from home but nevertheless something that offers a lot of greenery.

When in Delhi, had become freakishly compulsive about jogging, timing myself as I covered 4 to 5 kilometres every morning, come hail or shine. Moving to Mumbai made me realise that what a luxurious life I had been living all this while. One either runs on the road in Mumbai, or on the treadmill at the local gymnasium. Parks not only occupy space, precious space that can be used to erect another residential building, but also do not offer much by way of monetisation.

To be sure, the park I spotted had tiled its walkway, so that running on it would be just as stressful and dreadful as flying a twin-engine plane with both engines flamed out. Still, something is better than nothing – besides, the green top tree cover in the park makes it a haunt for those in search of some peace, quiet and fresh air.

And so, as the new-year dawned, I resolved to shed some kilos, if only to fit into the trousers I already possess, rather than splurging on buying any more. Which is why, this park will definitely be handy, as this fat boy starts running again.

Just plain, old-fashioned running, mind you, and not running away!

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