The rites of writing

Why do I write? Maybe, it’s my catharsis, at the end of each day. It’s my way of talking to some one, but no one in particular. Writers are usually loony, and often alone, and sometimes lonely. Writing therefore is a way of absolving oneself of loneliness.

Of course, each writer has individual reasons for putting thoughts out in the open, but one thing each writer craves for are readers. Not as much for adulation, as for feedback – good, bad, ugly. Anything that tells us that whatever has been written has created some impact on someone’s mind – enough for that person to respond.

I started this blog as a chronicle of living a single life in a strange city, managing things on my own. Often times, I also toyed with the idea of turning it into a cookery blog for singles in the city – hoping to revisit the recipes I had so diligently noted in my college journals.

But the sights, smells and sounds of this city have so utterly caught my attention that each day I was discovering something unusual about the city that just made its way to the keyboard. So the cookery blogging idea took a back-seat, though I did attempt a few posts – more to show-off my limited skills than for them to be of any real help to anyone!

So each day, or rather, make it most days as my blogging frequency has dipped a wee bit, as I make my way back home from work, writing the blog becomes my escape from being alone, and consequently, loneliness. No, don’t get me wrong, loneliness doesn’t scare me, not anymore – it does however bore me.

And to kill that boredom, as also to amuse myself, I write. Sometimes, in the process, I end up amusing others – well, good for them, but that’s a side-effect one didn’t intend.

However, one certainly hoped for it!

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