Papaya luck

Yes, I know, it’s been a while since some verbal diarrhoea made it to this blog. Work, and some personal demons to take care of were the ones to blame for this absence. That, and the fact that my luck seems to be running thin these days. Passing phase, or permanent winter? Difficult to say.

I arrived in this city four and a half months back, initially putting up in my employer’s guest-house as they held a gun to my head – in a manner of speaking – as an enabler to my frantic personal-pad search. Which is when I started eating papaya as an after dinner digestive.

I have never been terribly fond of the fruit – mangoes, litichis, at times oranges and kinnu, that’s been pretty much my fruity universe. So what prompted me? Maybe it was the handy, small size that came for 20-25 bucks a piece, which could be finished in one sitting. And luckily, each day, I managed to pick out a piece that turned out deliciously sweet. Beginner’s luck? Maybe.

But this run of luck lasted for the next four months, even as I shifted my co-ordinates, having zeroed in on a typical bachelor’s pad. And while it lasted, each day I enjoyed this fibrous fruit which I had so hated during my childhood years. I even tried changing vendors, but the run of luck – in landing up with the sweetest piece on display – continued.

Guess that’s where I got smug. The first indications of my luck running thin came during a recent visit to Delhi, when, on the day of my return, I managed to miss my flight back to Max City. The first time such an incident happens, you are left numb with shock – this can’t happen to me, I am never late for my flights, etc. Well buddy, welcome to the frequent flyers’ club!

That the next flight had a rough ride, with an extended pocket of turbulence, did nothing to assuage the ego – as an aside though, the airhostesses aboard the Kingfisher flight were more white-faced than the passengers, many of whom just slept through the turbulence. So much for these kiddos trying to behave as adults so desperately!

Anyways, back to the run of luck – the next day, a story idea proffered by a team-mate came back with a stinger of a reply from the desk head. Ouch! How could I have not foreseen the asinine aspect of that idea?

That evening, the papaya that I bought turned out to be a dud, despite its alluring façade – it was so utterly tasteless that after forcing myself to finish off more than half of it, I was forced to give up and keep it in the fridge, contemplating my next move. There were two options – discard the left over, or wait till morning for a calmer head to prevail. Decided to sleep on it – on the two options please, and NOT on the papaya!

The next day, hit upon the idea of applying some sugar on the papaya and then leaving it for a while for reverse osmosis to take place, which at least made it ‘blindly’ palatable. Which means that one could eat it if one didn’t look at it, which is what I did.

Meanwhile, stories being sent out were being held up due to an unusually heavy news flow from other centres, with the result that after being in the cans for over a fortnight, and growing increasingly tired and restless day after day from listing them, they were eventually taken in only the local edition, and not as I had fondly hoped, in the national capital edition along with.

As if that wasn’t enough, the media-card chip in my BlackBerry konked off, with some self-inflicted virus that destroyed all photographs I had taken so far, including those of the little one. Just went kaput! No records to show for all the memories we made together.

Personally too, things seemed to be on a downward incline, as the fight for a loved one seems to be ebbing out, and fatigue seems to be taking over.

It all started with the papayas not turning out to be sweet. Let’s hope some fresh arrivals change my luck!

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  1. nittin says:

    Nice blog and interesting narration in this post…..

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