Difficult Times

So here I was, brooding over some personal incidents over the past week, mulling over the validity of some home truths in this day and age, watching a movie on the life and times of King Arthur.

Time was, when respect begot respect and honesty was the best policy, and while I don’t know whether I can change my spots at the ripe old age of 38.83, I am veering around to the view that I am fast getting outdated by sticking to those clichés.

Time also was when all that was needed for a woman to be impressed by a man, or for a man to impress a woman, was to be the swashbuckling swordsman who saves the damsel in danger, from ruffians, highwaymen, robbers, attackers or men with lust. And the woman would fall right into the ‘trap’, kiss the hero, though it wasn’t certain they would live happily or not.

Of course, time also was that a man falling in love with the queen could be charged with treason, the sentence for which is still, I believe, the final curtain call. Which was the amusing part of the movie – the only crime was a passionate kiss and acknowledgement of mutual love that had the two culprits being tried in an open court. But I guess, if there were certain privileges men of those times had, in terms of wooing women, they also had certain responsibilities, and what in today’s day and age may be labelled as unethical, at the maximum, could invite the death penalty during those times.

So, were those times good? Or the times we living in better? I don’t know – I personally can’t recall living in that era! And if I were to believe in the karmic theory of the soul traversing through many generations, well, I guess I’m sorry to report that the mind’s slate been wiped cat-licking clean.

My personal two cents: times may or may not be better, or good, or easy or difficult, but people certainly are difficult. Understanding people has become more and more complex by the day, forget about by the generation. Simplicity was prolific in those times, I guess. Emotions were simple, people were simple because their needs were simple, life was simple because in any case, it didn’t offer much by way of material rewards, and you only miss something when you have possessed it.

Though I doubt if life was easy then also – simple, maybe, like eat, sleep, breed, pillage and plunder. Not easy though, especially if you were the one being pillaged and plundered.

Today, of course, increasing complexity of the material world has somewhere percolated deep down into our respective DNA, and got embedded there so firmly that it is the new DNA inside each one of us. Is that good, or bad? I don’t know – never claimed to have all the answers and hey, I am still searching for answers to a few of my own questions.

Maybe, if I ever get answers to my own questions, provided I find them before my time runs out, I could probably tell you whether it’s good or bad. If my time runs out, as it eventually will, and I don’t get my answers, well, just carry on regardless – you have done well in life so far, am sure you’ll do just fine.

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