An accidental journalist, I am a drifter after having deliberately lost my moorings from my earlier calling as a hotelier. Over the past 11 years as a hack of little repute, I’ve covered and written about subjects as diverse as travel, hospitality, foreign affairs, politics, real estate, sports, wines and lately, telecom, with all its attendant paraphernalia of scams and spams. The opportunity to work as a journalist has been a blessing, not least for toting up my only two achievements of note – the ability to walk on fire and the chance to drive a truck.

This blog came into being in Mumbai, hence the name sensex and the city and encapsulates my experiences of life lived here.

DISCLAIMER: This is to self-certify that this blog is reflective of my personal views and opinions and in no way advocates or is related to in any manner conceivably possible to the organisation that delivers my monthly pay-cheque. So suing them won’t get you anywhere, and suing me won’t get you anything, considering my perpetually precarious finances!


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